How To Start A Healing Ministry In Your City


1. Set in a director for the work, preferably a husband and wife team. There must be strong leadership from directors who are called into the ministry of healing. They must know God's will for healing the sick and be led by the Holy Spirit.

2. Make sure that those who want to pray for the sick understand the call of God and the commitment.

3. Establish the work, from the beginning, in prayer. Work with your intercessors.

4. Work with the City church leaders. We must come into a unity of faith with the body of Christ to reach the lost in our cities.

5. Our ultimate goal must be to achieve the greatest healing of all and that is salvation Healing will be a sign to the unbeliever.

6. Strive to develop a ministry team from as many different churches as possible

7. Find a location that will serve the whole church and the whole city

8. In addition to rooms to pray for the sick, we have a room for intercessory prayer!

9. Each ministry team member must be equipped by:

a. God's Word on Healing.

b. Dealing with roadblocks to healing.

c. Understand the anointing of the Holy Spirit that empowers the Word.

d. They must be hungry for all that God is and all that He has.

e. They need to come into a unity of faith. A body in unity allows the Holy Spirit to move freely.

f. Be burdened for the lost and the sick.

g. Provide a letter of reference from their Pastor.

h. Develop an interview process to determine if the above things have been achieved.

i. Receiving training on how to minister to the sick.

j. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.


1. Visit with as many pastors in your city as possible and share the vision for healing rooms in your city. Let them know this work will compliment their church.

a. New Christians will be sent into the church in the city.

b. Their sick can come for healing.

c. You will do hospital visitation and shut-in visitation for them.

d. You can have their people come to training to be equipped to pray for the sick of their church.

e. Express to them that you want to see a healing team raised up in their church if they do not already have one.

f. Explain how the healing rooms ministry will train its team members.

g. Express how having members from different denominations will provide additional support to bring unity into the church in the city.

h. Indicate that each team member must provide a referral letter from their pastor prior to being on the team.

i. Seek their support in prayer and welcome their advice.

2. Set a date to re-dig or dig a well of healing. Develop a flyer with a call to intercessors and those with a burden to pray for the sick.

a. Share the vision for healing in the city.

b. Express the desire for unity in the church.

c. Pray that the walls of doubt and unbelief for healing will come down.

d. Set a date to begin training those who want to be on the ministry team.

3. Begin training

a. Training should be over at least a 60-day period. You will be training some people you do not know from other denominations.

We need to get to know them build a relationship and bring them into unity for healing power.

b. Anoint and pray over each of those in training after each session. This allows those who have not, to begin to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit.

c. Suggested class subjects:

1. The Healing Word

2. Roadblocks to Healing

3. The Anointing that Empowers the Word

4. Our Spiritual Authority

5. How to Operate Healing Rooms: Questions and Answers

d. Both audio and video tapes for training are available from the Healing Rooms in Spokane.

4. Opening the Healing Rooms

1. Location Can be in a church.

2. The optimum location is where the whole church can reach the whole city.

3. We want a place where the sick from any denomination will feel comfortable in coming.

b. Set a date to open after the initial group is trained and you have their pastor’s letter.

c. Start with one or two days.

d. Have at least two rooms to pray in.

e. Have three team members to a room. “If two or more are gathered in My name…” (Matthew 18:19-20)

f. Have a room for intercessory prayer.

g. Begin the work—do not worry, you will not run out of sick people.

This work must be established in God’s power not our form.

It’s the anointing of His presence that breaks every yoke. (Isaiah 10:27)



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