Testimony - Physical Heart Healing

Post date: Oct 23, 2010 12:35:20 AM

"God did an amazing work in my life after my first visit to the San Marcos Healing Room. Because of heart problems, I struggle with the most mundane daily tasks. After leaving the healing room, I went home & had to move my queen-size sleeper sofa as my cat had rolled a needed object under it. It is on gliders but still difficult for me to move. I pushed the sofa forward, retrieved the item, and pushed the sofa back into place. I then walked to the back bathroom and cleaned the litter box. Both of these chores took about 5 minutes. I was slightly winded but not gasping for air. Normally these tasks would have taken about 20-25 minutes because I would have to sit to rest & catch my breath several times.

Later that evening, I prayed for my ex-husband for the first time since our divorce almost thirteen years ago. As a result of prayer with the wonderful volunteers from the Healing Room, I have truly forgiven. What a sense of freedom!! There was also the realization that I am the daughter of the King and that I deserve the very best for my life. I no longer need to treat myself badly or neglect myself; instead I can respect and treat my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I have not signed up for a marathon yet but do believe I can begin mild conditioning. It will be slow at first but with the Lord's help, I can increase my endurance and strength. Thank you Lord for the miracle you have performed in my life. Help me look to you continually for your wisdom, strength, and support."



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