Testimony - Praise Report

Post date: Nov 05, 2010 10:36:8 PM

The Healing Room has been an incredible support to me. It’s not as much the physical healing that has been the focus (although I am getting unbelievably better from a life-long asthmatic condition) but I am also praising the Lord for using you all to minister ‘words’ in directive, confirmation, comfort and support on what He wanted to emphasize to me. You have been a major instrument of the Lord’s sustaining power in my life. Thank you for letting me come in as often as He directs me to do so and applying a touch over me from the Father. He always knows what He wants to impart through you. My experience has always been beneficial. I have received and trusted you. I believe this is an example of how the Lord wants the Body of Christ to Dance in the Spirit together. I can’t thank you enough and I pray His Blessings and favor continually on you. I want to continue to come as He directs and you can put up with me. Thank you, Love Patsy



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