Testimony - Right Shoulder Healing

Post date: Nov 04, 2010 4:58:28 AM

I came to the healing room in San Marcos on 10/21/2010 and God was good as usual. I had prayer for many parts of my body but especially for my right shoulder. I used to handle propane bottles about 800 to a 1000 a day and in time I had to have surgery on my right shoulder. The doctors told me that my rotator cuff looked like the end of a piece of frayed rope. They cut that out along with cutting arthritis out of the socket joint and re-attaching my right bicep to my shoulder, it was barely hanging on. They fixed that as well. They put 5 pins in my shoulder to hold it all together. That was 10/08/2008. The pain from that procedure was not fun and at times it was miserable. So for the last few years I've been living in constant pain. I would move my shoulder and it would click and be painful. This night though we prayed and I believe that GOD would heal me but, like in the Bible, I had doubt so I prayed, to GOD, to help me overcome my doubt so I would be healed. A healing room team worker prayed over my shoulder and asked me to move my shoulder and it felt a little better but still had that clicking feeling. They prayed again and the same happened. Then they asked me to put my own hand on my shoulder and pray. This time they asked me to move my shoulder and it rotated as smooth as oil. The clicking noises and clicking feeling was gone. The LORD is so good. I continue to come to the healing rooms for prayer. It is an awesome place to meet GOD.



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