Testimony - Three Miracles

Post date: Jan 05, 2011 3:56:12 PM

Thank you Healing Rooms. Early September this year, I had episodes of hemorrhaging that lasted about five minutes each. A retired nurse friend told me it might be serious and to get to the ER right away. Prayer from family and friends began immediately. Blood tests and intrauterine ultrasound tests were performed. The blood tests came back "perfect", my first miracle, but the ultrasound came back showing a problem so I was sent to OBGYN the next day. Exams and several samples of my uterine wall were taken on Monday, 25 October. Two days later the call came that I had endometrial cancer. The oncology team wanted to do the surgery the following week. I went in for my pre-op on Firday, 29 October. The two specialists and their technicians were professional and courteous. When they finished the pre-op they excused themselves for a short conference. When they returned, they informed me that they didn't know why, but all my tests came out benign. It took a moment...benign meant no cancer. In less than twenty-four hours from the time my OBGYN called and I met with the specialists, God healed me. This was my second miracle. Not only that, but God changed my tissue samples, also. Three miracles! Hallelujah! He is faithful! Praise and thanks to His Holy name.



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