Last evening I received prayer at the El Cajon Healing Rooms. On 5 April I was in Pasadena, CA attending a Christian conference and I took a bad fall breaking my right ankle and foot in 3 places. Infection set in preventing me from being casted until 29 April. A few days after the accident two of my permanent teeth broke off at the gum line for no apparent reason, likely because of the trauma of the fall I took in Pasadena so I had to have 2 emergency root cannels, 2 steel posts put in the cannels and crowns attached which left me with a lot of nerve pain from the trauma of all the pounding to my jaw. As the Healing Rooms team was praying for me last night, they broke the trauma of both accidents off of me and prayed against the pain. I immediately felt the tension wash out of my body and last evening I slept all night for the first time since April 5th. Also the 2 teeth I had emergency dental have been extremely sensitive with a lot of shooting nerve pain but this morning when I brushed my teeth that terrible sensitivity and pain was no longer there. I thank the Healing Rooms team for hearing the voice of God and praise the Lord for His healing and keeping power. Thank You, Jesus, for your sacrifice on Calvary's Cross that brings healing and wholeness to us. All praise to His Holy Name.


Coming to the Healing Rooms on a regular basis for prayer has helped me to grow in the Lord and stay in His presence. I give thanks to the various teams that have prayed for me these past few months. Praise the Lord!


I went to the Healing Rooms last evening and as the team prayed for me a great burden of generational curses on myself and my 9 year old son has been lifted. Immediately the Holy Spirit lifted a thousand pounds off my chest and I feel free and God's words for me were, "I sing a new song for you"...thank You, Jesus.


There is a story about my hiking in the canyons of Nevada, a broken ankle, a spiritual attack, and divine healing of my ankle that is pretty high drama. Since that time it seemed my breathing was shallow. As I sat in your training I felt a deep warmth. I believe that something happened to my diaphragm during that time of trauma that was healed on Saturday. Appreciate all you are doing to build the Healing Rooms.


A team at the El Cajon Healing Rooms prayed for me last evening. I felt such a tangible presence of God in a way I haven't felt for a long time. Holy Spirit ministered to my mind, emotions, and my body. I came with lower back pain and it's now gone! My left knee has been hurting for approximately four months, as I was being ministered to it got better and the pain level coming in for prayer was about a five, now it's a three! Praise God!


I came in for prayer tonight for healing of cold/flu symptoms and was instantly healed in my repertory systems - able to breathe deeply and clearly for the first time in over 2 weeks. I also received three beautiful visions and awesome ministry from each team member on the prayer team. Thank You God for blessing me tonight with your joy, peace and love.


I thank God for this Healing Rooms ministry. The team prayed over my paper and revealed why I was felling fear & oppression. I took off my bracelet and stopped 'Reiki healing'. I renounced any spirits attached to me and Jesus brought back my peace. Tonight I thank the Lord for sleep. The prayer team prayed away the spirit of fear and reminded me that God says, "do not be afraid, I am with you". I am free to live and enjoy restful sleep. Jesus knows that I needed this tonight. Thank you.


On February 18, 2012, I was admitted to the hospital with a sub-arachnoids hemorrhage/stroke. God healed me and I was discharged in 3 days. On the way to the hospital and as soon as it happened, God released from my heart the proclamation "I will live and not die and live to proclaim the mighty works of God and glorify Him in Jesus name." My husband and everyone was praying and proclaiming the Word of God over my life also as I went through a surgery successfully. A few weeks ago, I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. The first team member said she had a vision of seeing me in a hospital bed, then she saw me sitting up, asking for water and a few other things. She asked me if it meant anything and I told her I had been in the hospital in February and told her my testimony, glorified and thanked God again and it made me realize that only God could have revealed that to her since she had never met me before. The team prayed awesome blessings over my life. On my home I shared with my friend about one of the team members getting that picture of me in the hospital and what was ministered to me. She also encouraged me to continue to believe in the ministry the Lord has for me. Well 3 days later I was cleaning house and felt a painful pop in my head and knew I needed medical attention again. I called my husband home from work and he took me to the hospital. I texted my friend and everyone started praying again "I will live and not die and declare the Glory of God and His Kingdom in Jesus name. A CT scan was done and I received quick treatment. When my friend arrived at the hospital I was laying down and sat up to thank her for coming...she gasped and immediately was reminded of conversation 3 days prior when I shared with her about my Healing Rooms experience about the team member getting the vision about me in the hospital. It was a confirmation that it wasn't my time to go home to be with the Lord and that my race is not finished as yet and I will live and not die to declare God's kingdom and glory. To God be the glory!


My daughter woke me up for a sound sleep to share she had just missed being in a terrible accident, a three car accident with one motorcycle hit and a man crumpled on the freeway. She called 911 immediately but was shaken up and so thankful she was alive. I just put my arms around her so she could relax and I thanked our Heavenly Father that my daughter was spared from this terrible accident and prayed for Father to be with the families of those hurt or killed. Thank you Jesus!


Great confirmation tonight that God is my Father. When I was young my father had to leave because of divorce; this left me feeling confused and afraid. Now my father is very ill in a hospital and may be leaving again which caused the confusion and fear to return. But, my Father showed me tonight that I can trust His perfect love. I also asked God to give me a task which He answered through a word of knowledge...God is good!


Today is 16 October 2012, and my deliverance starts now! I came to the Healing Rooms and was given Psalms 30:5 which is right on target. I was asked if I wanted to forgive my EX and even thou forgiveness...total forgiveness is the hardest thing to give, but I did and verbally forgave him and his present wife because Christ first forgave me. I know Jesus' promise is true and so I know that from tonight on, I'm set free and delivered. I'm filled with His Holy Spirit, full and over flowing and so every evil is completely broken off of me. I thank Jesus that He has set me and my family free forever! All glory to God our Abba Father! Amen.

A Grateful Heart

I received prayer tonight at the El Cajon Healing Rooms. The spirit of alcohol has been removed and the spirit of feeling less than or accepted is gone. Praise His Holy Name!


Praise the Lord! I came to the El Cajon Healing Rooms for prayer tonight, filled out my prayer request for healing, listed a few things and then turned it in. For a minute I thought I should have put down also the foot pain I was having. I turned it in and thought, oh well!. When getting prayer I was prayed for the back pain I was having, hurt from friends in the past also. I was standing during the prayer and my left foot was tingling like it was asleep, but it wasn't. The pain I felt tingled away. I tore a tendon in it 5 or 6 years ago and my foot turned inward some with pain on and off, mostly on. As I sit writing, I have no more pain. Praise the Lord!


I was getting prayer at the Healing Rooms and I guess I was having a vision because I was up in heaven and worshiping the Lord and there were so many people up there. They all had flags worshiping. I was free and everybody else to. The love was holy freedom worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ, just one big holy party! The Throne Room was indescribably holy joy, perfect love. We all knew each other. I realized the things that I go through in this life do not compare to what awaits for me in heaven. Praise His Holy Name.


Came to the El Cajon Healing Rooms tonight so discouraged. As the team prayed for me I felt a burden lift from me and peace in my heart. I feel so much better from the itching I have been experiencing. Thank You God and thank you to the Healing Rooms team for your help and support. May the Lord bless for you for what you are doing.


When I came to the El Cajon Healing Rooms tonight I was full of stress and had a lot of pain in my body. As the team prayed over me, I felt the stress and pain leave. I felt my body re-align the way it was supposed to be. I felt the healing hand of the Lord and His love. The stress melted off me and I felt as light as a feather. I praise Jesus and His Holy Name.


For a few months I had been feeling tired, lots of fatigue daily...no matter how much sleep. A heavy feeling that shadowed me like a sadness that eclipsed the joy of my work, my relationships. I wondered if my cancer (lymphoma) was returning? After prayer at the healing rooms, it became clear the fatigue

was related to my mother's anxiety, fearfulness, and my joy was suffocated by my care for her. Suddenly the fatigue lifted like a veil and I could think clearly, rise up early for morning walk, made plans to visit my friends. I heard Gid say "I have healed you, the cancer is gone! Keep my joy to strengthen and lighten your load. It will energize your dreams and goals, fear not." Thank you Healing Rooms team for your ministry.


I came to the El Cajon Healing Rooms this evening and God cleansed me and washed me white as snow. He is also rebuilding my life and has forgiven me all my sins and has taken everything in my life on Him. I gave all authority to Him tonight, asked Him to come into my life, be my mom and dad. In the name of Jesus He healed me of my depression and I thank Him for making me whole again.


I came to the El Cajon Healing Rooms in a lot of stress and some depression. The group prayed over my information and anointed me with oil. I was in a cycle of trauma going in circles and they told me a scenario of a child on a trike going in circles. They broke the cycle so I can now go forward to what God has waiting for me. They brought me out of a place of isolation and feeling alone and sealed the cracks where the enemy gets in. He will no longer get in. Also to a place of relaxation and rest with a beautiful visual for me to always look at to remind me of the pleace He has for me. I look forward to coming back for more of what God has for me.

Peaceful spirit

I have been, through the Lord Jesus Christ, delivered from curses from witchcraft and satanism (since 2008). I have been delivered from financial debt of $57,000.00. My right leg has grown out two inches. I have had my mind delivered from mental torment and depression (since 1989). I have been healed from left leg and foot pain, left thigh and hip pain and hand pain. My spine with healing has straightened out and intense headache pain is gone and my prayers answered in Lord Jesus Christ's name. Praise His Holy Name!


My friend told me about the prayer rooms. In faith I came to receive healing from the Lord. God is so faithful. I've been struggling with an eating disorder for years and when I met Jeus, I wanted to give up "control" I felt this disorder gave me. Coming here was a gift and an adventure. I was healed in my heart. Christ has given me freedom and now it is up to me to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the old desires of the flesh (Gal. Ch 5). God has a purpose through every illness and every trial and He has prepared me to receive the calling upon my life, to share the gospel and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with Jesus. Although I may sin daily, the Lord is very gracious and loves to forgive me. It is my hope that by continuing to come to get prayer here that my recovery will last.


I came to the Healing Rooms to get prayer because of food allergies. During prayer the Lord healed the hopelessness and discouragement that I felt. I never thought to ask about that. God continued to speak to me about hope and faith, and about the spiritual battlefield of my thoughts. I began to pray through times when I had allergies reactions and my breathing cleared! I kept coming to the Healing Rooms because just couldn't believe that I was healed. Today I renounced the last oppressive stronghold that the enemy held on me and I accepted God's grace, deliverance and freedom expressed through my complete healing...hallelujah!

Tomato Lover

All praise to the Lord for answered prayer! I have been coming to the Healing Rooms for prayer on getting into a nursing program in Louisiana. I expected to hear back from the school in early May 2012 but I got news of my acceptance on April 5, 2012. What a relief and sweet gift from the Lord right before Easter. Thank you all for your faithful prayers, encouragement and sharing your gifts. I am so excited for this new adventure and to see what the Lord is going to do!


I have had a few things that I have come to the Healing Rooms for prayer in the past few months. The Lord has blessed me with good health so my prayer requests have been more about my circumstances at work. There were a few things that had been put in place that were really affecting me as an employee and a good worker. I was devastated over what was proposed and was very concerned about my time there. One issue was in regards to a huge manner of miscommunication. Both times I came in for a prayer of agreement to ask God Almighty to intervene on my behalf in my little world, He definitely did, and gave me tremendous favor in regards to one matter that both my manager and a former higher manger said could not be reversed. He also changed the atmosphere where trust and respect has increased. God is so good! Praise His Holy name!


Because of constant fatigue my doctor prescribed several tests, one being a chest x-ray, after that a cat scan, then a pet scan. The diagnosis was lung cancer stage 1A. The cancer was small so was surgically removed. My 3-months post scan showed it had grown back and was now stage 3 cancer, but had not metastasized. I refused chemo and radiation treatment and chose to depend on the Lord for healing. I was prayed for at the Healing Rooms and on my way home received this Scripture, "And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." (Matthew 21:22). Seeing the Oncologist once a month to keep my insurance approval, each time having blood tests that said I didn't have cancer, but cat scans that said I did and that it was growing. My daughter advised me to start juicing using cancer fighting vegetables and fruits. I did this because I knew the Lord wants us to be involved in whatever He is doing. I felt better immediately, but after 3 months experienced chest pains and went for another cat scan. THE CANCER WAS GONE. The chest pains subsided in about a week. This was a year long ordeal and there were times I preferred to go to Heaven and times I doubted I was healed, but the Lord in His great mercy healed my anyway. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!


I came to the Healing Rooms with pain in my feet and right side of my body. As the team was praying for me I felt heat in me and my feet and the whole right side of my body was healed. The Lord placed His joy in me and I was able to receive more of His love for me and to go deeper with Him. I believe my Father was just waiting for me to give me all that I needed, healing and more of Him. I got it all and I praise His Holy Name and give thanks to the team who prayed over me.


All Glory to God. I cannot believe that I never heard of the San Diego Healing Rooms before. I have been suffering from lower back pain for over 10 years. I've gone to chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and absolutely nothing has worked. But all Glory to God for this random set of circumstances that led me here. All back pain is gone and I am so thankful for this amazing blessing! My faith has gone through the roof! Glory to Jesus!


In 1997 I contracted Trigeminal Neuralgia. It's a neuropathic disorder characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face, originating from the trigeminal nerve. In 1990 the pain receeded and I did not feel pain again until 2005 in the right side of my face. Since then I have had 4 procedures (2 Gama knife, 1 injection & 1 brain surgery), none of them helped the pain. The last procedure was performed October 2010. Five months ago a dentist gave me an antibiotic that made the pain go blastic. With no hope for change I called my surgeon and told him I wanted the nerve cut. The entire right side of my face would end up with no feeling. I received Jesus as my Savior in 1974. Three weeks ago I started coming to the Healing Rooms for prayer weekly. Last Thursday I started getting electrical charges in the right side of my face and by Monday, August 15th, I was completely healed. After 25 years of dealing with this problem all I can say is Praise God!


I had been personally wounded from family situations and found myself battling with issues of fear. During a prayer session at the Healing Rooms those chains of fear were broken. I no longer have to live with this idol of fear. I also had pain in my shoulder. After being prayed for the pain left. The encouragement the Healing Rooms team gave me with the Scriptures the Lord prompted them to pray over me applied directly to my life and ministry. I feel so pumped up and excited to know I am free in Christ Jesus from this bondage. Thank You, Lord, and thank you Healing Rooms


My faith has been dwindling due to health issues for several months and I was having problems believing for myself and was beginning to feel I could not even pray for others concerning healing. But thanks to the prayers, Scriptures, and love I received today at the Healing Rooms, I have the faith to keep praying for myself and others. I came away feeling restful instead of restless. Praise God!


After a year without steady work, God brought me a steady job. This was after coming to the Healing Rooms and getting encouraged to stand in faith. Also, I had developed tendinitis in my feet. I had been prayed for a couple of times, but not received my healing immediately. A couple of days ago I was hiking on Palomar mountain when I realized I had no pain whatsoever. Praise God!!!


I came into the Healing Rooms unable to hardly breathe and when the team prayed over me my sinus problem disappeared and I left breathing normally. Thank You Jesus for Your healing power.


Praise God for the faithful prayers of those who lovingly serve in the Healing Rooms. After praying with you my back has been recovering slowly but surely. I have recently had back surgery and when I came to the San Marcos Healing Rooms the pain level was high. After prayer that night the pain level has gone down to a 2 and steadily getting better. I am truly grateful to you for ministering to both my body and my spirit. Much love in Christ.


I had a steroid leakage for over two years which caused me to have vision problems. I had been consulting a Doctor for this problem. Last week I came to the San Marcos Healing Room and received prayer. I started noticing a difference with my vision that night. Two days later I went to see the Doctor. He took pictures of my eyes, and after reviewing the pictures, said the leakage was completely gone. Praise God!!!


I first came here an unbeliever. Negativity was printed on my soul. I have rediscovered Jesus through the kind intercession of the healers. My faith has been restored and I have found the peace and core that was missing from my life for years. I can't find the adequate words to express my thanks and joy of life.


God has healed so many layers of brokenness in me through the prayer workers at SDHR that I can finally stop holding my breath and think clearly. Thanks everybody!


I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, spread to bladder, pancreas, spleen & lymph nodes. I came to the San Marcos Healing Room Thursday Night the 27th of January, I was prayed for by two people there. I felt the Holy Spirit very strongly. I had a Scan prior to that and I also had a PetScan on the 31st (Monday). I went to Kaiser-San Marcos to my Oncologist & found that there was NO CANCER in my brain tissue, bones, blood, spleen, nor pancreas. That is a miracle! I will undergo five months of chemo to reduce the mass on the kidney, and there is a small cell under my armpit. But GOD totally intervened in my situation; I did not receive a death sentence. I believe there are people in the Chemo Room that I will be able to minster to of God's grace, love and mercy. He spared my life and I will share that with everyone. They will review my case in five months after chemo stops. I believe they will find nothing and I will receive a clean bill of health! Amen. Thank you to Dennis and all that prayed for me. Bless you bless you bless you! Shalom!


Three Miracles

Thank you Healing Rooms. Early September this year, I had episodes of hemmorhanging that lasted about five minutes each. A retired nurse friend told me it might be serious and to get to the ER right away. Prayer from family and friends began immediately. Blood tests and intrauterine ultrasound tests were performed. The blood tests came back "perfect", my first miracle, but the ultrasound came back showing a problem so I was sent to OBGYN the next day. Exams and several samples of my uterine wall were taken on Monday, 25 October. Two days later the call came that I had endometrial cancer. The oncology team wanted to do the surgery the following week. I went in for my pre-op on Firday, 29 October. The two specialists and their technicians were professional and courteous. When they finished the pre-op they excused themselves for a short conference. When they returned, they informed me that they didn't know why, but all my tests came out benign. It took a moment...benign meant no cancer. In less than twenty-four hours from the time my OBGYN called and I met with the specialists, God healed me. This was my second miracle. Not only that, but God changed my tissue samples, also. Three miracles! Hallelujah! He is faithful! Praise and thanks to His Holy name.


Hi, you prayed for my sleep as I was having seizures say once a month, sometimes more sometimes less, since you prayed for me on Skype in October I have been set free! Blessings!


The Healing Room has been an incredible support to me. It’s not as much the physical healing that has been the focus (although I am getting unbelievably better from a life-long asthmatic condition) but I am also praising the Lord for using you all to minister ‘words’ in directive, confirmation, comfort and support on what He wanted to emphasize to me. You have been a major instrument of the Lord’s sustaining power in my life. Thank you for letting me come in as often as He directs me to do so and applying a touch over me from the Father. He always knows what He wants to impart through you. My experience has always been beneficial. I have received and trusted you. I believe this is an example of how the Lord wants the Body of Christ to Dance in the Spirit together. I can’t thank you enough and I pray His Blessings and favor continually on you. I want to continue to come as He directs and you can put up with me. Thank you, Love Patsy


I came to the healing room in San Marcos on 10/21/2010 and God was good as usual. I had prayer for many parts of my body but especially for my right shoulder. I used to handle propane bottles about 800 to a 1000 a day and in time I had to have surgery on my right shoulder. The doctors told me that my rotator cuff looked like the end of a piece of frayed rope. They cut that out along with cutting arthritis out of the socket joint and re-attaching my right bicep to my shoulder, it was barely hanging on. They fixed that as well. They put 5 pins in my shoulder to hold it all together. That was 10/08/2008. The pain from that procedure was not fun and at times it was miserable. So for the last few years I've been living in constant pain. I would move my shoulder and it would click and be painful. This night though we prayed and I believe that GOD would heal me but, like in the Bible, I had doubt so I prayed, to GOD, to help me overcome my doubt so I would be healed. A healing room team worker prayed over my shoulder and asked me to move my shoulder and it felt a little better but still had that clicking feeling. They prayed again and the same happened. Then they asked me to put my own hand on my shoulder and pray. This time they asked me to move my shoulder and it rotated as smooth as oil. The clicking noises and clicking feeling was gone. The LORD is so good. I continue to come to the healing rooms for prayer. It is an awesome place to meet GOD.


I came to the healing room with my mom. Not knowing what to expect, one of the gentlemen asked me if I was sore. I was actually quite sore from a recent move, and had pain in my right knee that I was icing every night. He pointed directly to 3 places on his body where he said he felt my pain...which were the exact 3 places I was having soreness or pain. He prayed for me and the pain went away immediately. I was able to get up, and bend down with no issue. 2 weeks later I'm still 100% pain free. It wasn't even that big of an inconvenience or pain, but to know God cared even about my "soreness" was a blessing and a great surprise.


"God did an amazing work in my life after my first visit to the San Marcos Healing Room. Because of heart problems, I struggle with the most mundane daily tasks. After leaving the healing room, I went home & had to move my queen-size sleeper sofa as my cat had rolled a needed object under it. It is on gliders but still difficult for me to move. I pushed the sofa forward, retrieved the item, and pushed the sofa back into place. I then walked to the back bathroom and cleaned the litter box. Both of these chores took about 5 minutes. I was slightly winded but not gasping for air. Normally these tasks would have taken about 20-25 minutes because I would have to sit to rest & catch my breath several times.

Later that evening, I prayed for my ex-husband for the first time since our divorce almost thirteen years ago. As a result of prayer with the wonderful volunteers from the Healing Room, I have truly forgiven. What a sense of freedom!! There was also the realization that I am the daughter of the King and that I deserve the very best for my life. I no longer need to treat myself badly or neglect myself; instead I can respect and treat my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I have not signed up for a marathon yet but do believe I can begin mild conditioning. It will be slow at first but with the Lord's help, I can increase my endurance and strength. Thank you Lord for the miracle you have performed in my life. Help me look to you continually for your wisdom, strength, and support."


God has finished the healing of my knee. I felt it this morning at the moment I was being prayed for, God's anointing touch on my knee and upper body. Praise God I am healed. I will never cease to praise my God.


Praise the Lord. I have been healed in Jesus name. I had been going through knee pain for 3 months. As the team was praying God touched me and the pain left. I give God all the praise and glory.


Praise God, to God be the glory! I had a problem that baffled the doctors and I had gotten worse over the past week. I saw the Healing Rooms sign and came in last Saturday for prayer and God touched me. My white blood count came up to over 1,000 and the doctor was shocked. I told him I give God all the glory. Thanks so much for the prayers. God is still on His throne and He remember's His own. I will never cease to praise Him.


Miracle at Clairemont Healing Rooms -A woman came in who was blind in her right eye for many years. As the team was praying for her, she began to receive sight. God healed her and she now is able to see out of the eye which had been blind. Praise His healing power.

Thank You, Jesus! My father has had knee pain for a long time and walked with the assistance of a cane. Today we had to get him a walker. We came for prayer and he says that he can walk without his cane and the pain is gone.


I received many breakthroughs and blessings today as a result of prayer. Breakthroughs of healing and restoring health in my spine, lungs, and high blood pressure. Generational curses were broken off allowing healing of health. The team that prayed for me was very tunned into the Holy Spirit and God's leading, a very good experience. The webiste said to come expecting a miracle. I did and I received one! Praise God!

Mary B.

Testimony of Healing. I give thanks to my God for the marvelous blessings that He has poured out on me. He has delivered me from all my worries and problems in my body and my family. Thank You, Lord, for the great love You have for your children because You are love. Thank you, Jesus, for the healing I received today.


I have appreciated the ministry of the Clairemont Healing Rooms. These past two years, in particular, have been full of "spiritual turbulence" and physical and emotional challenges, but the teams who have prayed for me have given me hope even while I was facing some very dark circumstances and heavy spiritual warfare. The Healing Rooms have provided a ministry of encouragement and healing for me while in the midst of great turbulence and depression as a result of betrayal by and misunderstanding by by people I once called Christian friends. Praise God for His healing power.


My daughter, Valerie, was in a car accident January 6, 2010. She had quite a few issues to be prayed for, a broken neck, a bone replaced from hip, and ten staples in her head. On January 25th she was discharged from the hospital walking with a cane. The progress she has achieved is all from God and answered prayer. So thanks to everyone who serves God by prayers and obedience to Him which helps everyone. Please keep Valerie in prayer for 100% recovery. Thank You, Jesus. You are her Healer.


I have been coming to the Healing Rooms for over a year. The Lord led me here and I can say it has been a tremendous blessing. I have gone through some extremely difficult trials the entire time I have been coming and its also been during my first few years a a new Christian. I have experienced healing in my body of back pain and I know O have had healing of emotional issues. I thank the Lord for leading me here and I thank everyone in the Healing Rooms that have prayed over me. Thank you all for your obedience and how the Lord has used all of you. God bless you all.


I became seriously ill in September 09 and underwent a 3 hours surgery in early December 09. Although this was a difficult time, God was faithful and brought me through it all and during my "time in the cave" it was a sweet time with my Jesus and me. Just want to encourage you and say God is faithful to see you through anything that comes your way. Also want to thank the Healing Rooms for their faithfulness to continue and believe for my healing. God is indeed our Healer. Praise His Holy name.


I came into this place with the expectation that God would heal me because I know the great love He has for me. I had an accident in which my right wrist was injured. The doctors told me that I needed surgery. They wanted to cut the nerve to stop the pain that ran from my wrist up my arm, shoulder and neck, and sometimes up into the back of my head. God is good. He took the pain from a level 8 this morning when I arrived and when I left it was about a level 2, almost gone. I know that the Lord will take it completely because His is good and He loves me. Thank You, God, for Your love and for healing me. Thank you also for each child of Yours that works here for You. Keep using them for Your golry. May Your presence, wisdom and grace always be with them.


I have been praying for years that my husband of 37 years would start reading the Bible and start praying with me again. It has finally happened. He also desires to help anyone that is trying to be released from the Johovah Witness grip. He can show them in their Bible that Jesus is God and not Michael the Ark-angel. Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the only true God. So praise the Lord for answered prayer and for all the blessings He bestows on us. Thank you Healing Rooms for being in agreement with me.


Came into the Healing Rooms suffering with sinus congestion so bad I could not breathe through the nose. During prayer I began to feel the pressure in sinus subside. Shortly after I began to breathe more freely through nose and felt sinus begin to drain. By the end of the session the sinus pressure was completely gone. Praise God for His healing power.


Twenty five years ago I was involved in a minor motorcycle accident. The bike hit a slick spot and fell on my right foot, killing the nerves that control the big toe. Since then, I have had no feeling or control over this toe. Recently I had prayer for my toe and about 2 weeks ago started feeling pain in toe. Now most would say that pain is a bad thing, but in this case, pain is good as it shows that God has caused the nerves in this toe to begin to regenate. I can now wiggle my big toe. Sounds kin of trite to some, but when one has absolutely no control of toe, being able to wiggle it is certainly a big thing. Praise God for His healing power.

Richard G.

heart felling hopeless and very overwhelmed with so many things happening all at once. The spirit of "hope deferred" was broken off me and now I can look forward to the many great things that God has always had in store for me. Praise God, Hallelujah!


Thank You most gracious Jesus and Holy Spirit for giving me the grace to believe Your Word that was ministered to me from the wonderful prayer team. I received a message that I was waiting for. Thank you. I love Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Freedom from fear - this was not expected. I was asked if I could have one thing from Jesus today what would it be? And the words freedom from fear came out of my mouth. As I was being prayed for a feeling of lightness came and I felt something leave me. One of the team members gave me a word about being a warrior. I look forward to how the Lord will take me where He wants me to go. I also had pain in neck and back and as I was prayed for I felt my body adjust. Another team member spoke of my relationship with Christ and intimacy with Him. This was a conformation of what He wants. I had these words spoken to me a few weeks ago. What an amazing blessing. I am so encouraged and excited to see what the Lord has in store for me as I continue this journey.


Went to Seattle with my mom this last week. Had a blessed time and no specific health problems. I thank the teams at the Healing Rooms for all their ministry of prayer.


A spirit of rejection was broken today. I have been unable to receive God's grace and use the authority He desires me to have because of my feeling of inadequacy. I now have peace and freedom that I have not know especially in recent times. God is asking me to draw on Him for my strength.


I love this ministry. Jesus has used all of you and His Spirit in you to deliver me from all my fears...all of them; has granted me a spiritual language; and has healed me physically and emotionally. Through the Healing Rooms He has comforted me, guided me, spoken to me, convicted me, encouraged me and set me free...all to the glory of Jesus Christ. I love bringing my family, friends, husband, and now my new son here to this ministry for prayer. Thank you Healing Rooms and Praise the Lord!


I was tempted sexually by two different men whom I had no business even communicating with on the Internet and who kept calling me and wanting me to see them. I probably would have yielded to the temptation if I had not come in for healing prayer last week. Now I am communicating on-line with a couple of Christian men and we talk about the Lord and are connecting. I hope I've chosen a better path. I know the Lord will direct my path if I seek Him first. Thank You, Lord!


I'm so glad I came in for prayer today. I needed, and got Holy laughter. I had been dealing with physical issues for a long time and had really become discouraged. All that lifted as we laughed together and as the Healing Rooms team prayed for me. New vision was cast for me and I feel I can gon on again. Praise God!


God is so good! Nothing can be hidden from Him. I thank Him for revealing deception and setting me free from resentment and unforgiveness. I thank Him for reaffirming His presence in my prayers and life and for His guidance in choosing what is right. I am grateful for His encouragement to build relationships with my family that was lost and is found. I am thankful He has a purpose for my life and that He has made me strong through the Word and His Holy Spirit. He has clothed me in armor and equipped me to proclaim His name. All praise and honor and glory in the precious name of Jesus to God my father.


When I came in for prayer my fingers hurt and I could not make a closed fist. Now I can after the power of God through prayer touched and healed my right hand. Also my right knee was so badly swollen I could not bend it backwards as far as the left one because of the swelling. After prayer I now can bend each knee equally. I received my healing today and forever more. Thank you Lord.


I came to the Healing Rooms after searching for one in my area. I came not knowing really what to expect. I asked for prayer for pain in my back, it had gone out and I was in a lot of sharp pain. The team prayed for my back and I have not had pain since. I am healed...thank You Lord! Also the times I've come to visit I have left with such a peace that I know only comes from God! Thank You Lord for the Healing Rooms.


I do believe in God's miracles. I came to the Healing Rooms for the first time back in 2008. I was suffering as a result of heart problems and God gave me the new heart I asked Him for. Today, 05-28-09 when I came in for prayer I was suffering from pain in both shoulders and God again met my needs and the pain left. He also gave me a way to see life differently...His love is kindness and patience (1 Cor. 13). Thank you Lord and thank you Healing Rooms for your willingness to pray and believe God for others.


I came to the Healing Rooms today having problems with both eyes. The eye doctor calls them floaters, like streaks of lighting flashing across my field of vision. When prayed for by the healing team, they prayed specifically for this problem and when I opened my eyes, the floaters were gone and the tension and pressure in my eyes was gone. Praise His Holy name.


My desire was to hear God more and be closer to Him when I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. Over this past weekend I listened to God and I was in awe on my knees before Him with a clear sense of joy and peace and His Holy Spirit filled the room. In the spirit I was given Rev. 4:6 "Before the throne there was a sea of glass, like crystal" and without knowing I was before the throne and I remember not wanting to leave. I am so thankful because I know that this is what the team prayed for about my mountain-top experience. To add to this God has placed me in a great Christian household...to God be the glory! I have a new confidence that God will continue to answer me and deliver me from all my fears.


Came in for prayer. The team prayed for better breathing and resistance to the enemy's attack. I was given Phil. 4:6-7 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus", and it was recommended I read three time daily. I repented of the fear in my life and will no longer give credit to the evil one. The team prayed for peace. I feel so much better and I am claiming my healing. In fact I feel great.

A grateful heart

I had compressed disks in my neck and severe arthritis which was spreading throughout my back. I have been experiencing pain everyday for the past 10 years. God healed my neck three months ago and I have been pain free...Praise God!


Came in for prayer. On a scale from 1-10 I had knee pain of level 4. After prayer and healing hands on me by the prayer team, pain left and I now have zero pain in the knee. Praise God.


Had severe pain in knee about level 8 on the pain scale but after prayer it dropped to level 1 and I am believing for complete healing. Praise God and Jesus my Savior.


I know the power of Christ is working. I was in pain when I walked into the Healing Rooms, and skeptical, but when they were praying I felt myself loosening up and I walked out without my cane. Thank You Lord and all blessings due to Your supreme love.


Sleepless nights and tension brought me to the Healing Rooms for prayer. Now I'm sleeping better, am more relaxed and have much less tension. God is good.


I was scheduled to have knee (meniscus) surgery Jan. 22, 2009. I received prayer here Dec 20, 2008. It was my first visit to the Clairemont Healing Rooms. The couple who prayed for me received a word that God wanted to heal me physically - (my left knee meniscus and deformed toes from hammer toe, toes all pointed diagonally. Many people have been praying for me since July 2008. Two days before my scheduled surgery, the Lord began to move in power and might. By Jan. 20th 50 - 60% of symptoms disappeared in my left knee. On Jan. 21st four friends fasted for me and many prayed. All my symptoms disappeared. I called the doctor, told him I was symptom free so he cancelled the surgery. Praise God, my divine Physician healed me.


When I comer to the healing Rooms for prayer, what a difference it makes. So much peach knowing that I can unload one thing at a time and get more free with each visit. I absolutely love it. Thank you Lord and thank you Healing Rooms.


I had a supernatural healing of old fears, being self-critical and discouraging thought patterns that I have tried to overcome all my life. Two weeks ago I was healed with just one visit to the Healing Rooms. This is such miracle for me that it is hard to verbalize. There were such deeply ingrained thought patterns I never dreamed they could be healed. I am so grateful for the Healing Rooms. It took many visits to the Healing Rooms; there were smaller healings that all led to this big healing.


I was so overwhelmed and ashamed with the clutter in my house. I felt in bondage to it and the shame of knowing it wasn't in control made me feel like I was hiding from my own life. I prayed more than a few times to have the discipline to get organized but still went home and nothing changed. Two weeks ago I came to the Healing Rooms discouraged and feeling helpless about the fact that I would never change. The prayer team prayed for me and I left thankful for God's love in spite of my weakness. That week as I went home every day I found myself just doing things to organize without trying. God was using me but it wasn't me that was making it happen, it was Him. By the end of the week I had organized my house and was able to invite friends over the next week for dinner, the first time ever. Thank You Jesus for freedom.


Thank You Jesus. You gave me a desire to better myself and seek a life with joy and abundance, You responded to my cries for healing and peace of mind. Since I've been coming to the Healing Rooms for prayer all three of my children have been turning to God for healing. My ex-husband has been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have learned to think in the present, think less of the past and worry less about how the future is going to turn out. Thank You Jesus, thank You Lord. Please continue to keep these Healing Rooms open and bless the prayer warriors that represent You here and in their walk in the natural. Amen.


I have been searching for spiritual help for some time. Nothing I've turned to has helped as much as prayer. The Healing Rooms are great and I'll keep coming back because Jesus is making me free.


I suffered spinal pain that was chronic. After two prayer sessions at the Healing Rooms the pain is completely gone.


On August 20, 2008 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a biopsy was taken. Two weeks following the bisopsy another PSA test was taken and revealed a level of 5.30, which is pretty high. Three doctors recommended four different treatments from which I was to choose. I chose to believe in God and His healing Word. My wife was also told she had breast cancer. Well my wife had a mammogram last week and shows now no cancer. Three days ago my PSA for my prostate went down from 5.3 to 2.64. All without treatment for me. Praise God! He truly answers our prayers of faith. I work in the Healing Rooms of Spring Valley.


I came into the Healing Rooms wanting deliverence from a deef and dumb spirit and a rebellious spirit was revealed. I experienced deliverance during the prayer session. Praise His Holy Name.


If I had not seen it with my eyes and felt it through my body, I would have not believed. In 1985 a doctor had told me that I had one leg shorter than the other one. When the prayer team prayed and ministered my shorter leg grew to become even with the other one. It was amazing and the pain in my back is gone. Sixteen years of pain and now no more...no more. Thank You Lord.


I came in for prayer Friday morning and while waiting I started reading a book about speaking in tongues. I had never really understood it. When I went in for prayer one of the words I received was about the Holy Spirit burning away and cleansing. I remarked about ready the book while waiting for prayer. I was asked if I wanted a prayer language of my own and as the two team members began praying for me and praying in tongues, to my amazement I received my language. I was blown away out of the blue. I had just been reading about it and the Holy Spirit used my lips to praise God. To God be the glory!


I came to the Healing Rooms with an eye infection I had for a long time and Jesus healed me. Also healed my high blood pressure. It is normal every time I go to the doctor. No more medicine needed. Jesus is a great physician!


I came into the Healing Rooms with pain and fire in my wrists from pulling a puppy on a leash. In the midst of prayer, it felt as if a spiritual brace was being placed on each of my wrists. I am pain free. The fire is gone. Thank you Jesus!


I have had scoliosis since I was 15 years old. I am now 46 years old and am being told I need surgery to stop the curvature from getting worse. This obviously raised a lot of questions, should I have surgery; will God heal me; will I still be able to go to China as a missionary the summer of 2010? The Healing Rooms prayer team ministered to me. There was no miraculous healing that took place during the ministry time but I left with so many encouraging words and excitement about what God was doing in my life. A couple of days later God put the right people in my path and opened doors for me. Bottom line, I will be going to China and I will not be having surgery. Instead, I will be doing a year of specialized aggressive exercise to strengthen my back and I will be preparing for China as planned as He continues to open the doors and prepare me for the journey. Thank You Jesus.


I came to the Healing Rooms with extreme pain in my back and legs. As the team prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to come, laughter came and fire came and the pain left. Yeah God!


I asked for prayer for a skin condition like hives that had frequently erupted 2-3” in diameter and very itchy. By the next morning all eruptions had disappeared and there was no more itching. Praise God! I also asked for prayer for the mind of Christ and to pass a 5 ½ hour CPC (medical insurance code test). Although the test was a rough one, I felt peace as I took the test and praise God, with the mind of Christ and a refreshed mind, I passed it!




I use to be a ballet dancer for 11 years but because of an ankle injury had given it up. Today as I was being ministered to in the Healing Rooms, one of the team members got a vision of a girl dancing and she asked if that meant anything. The Scripture I was given was “You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11). I had forgotten the joy of dancing and was encouraged by the team to incorporate dance into my worship time with the Lord again. Also I had taken over a small private school and was concerned about how the bills would be paid for July & August. Prosperity was declared over me and I am confident God is going to bless the school so that other will see His glory. Praise be to the God who calls me His friend and child.




Was prayed for today by 3 team members who had just recently returned from the Florida outpouring. I had severe pain and swelling in my left leg due to an accident I had in May 08. One of the team members broke trauma off my knee and the pain left and I could see visible reduction in the swelling. God is so good and I praise His Holy Name. Thank You, Jesus, You are my Healer.




I came in last week depressed, feeling hopeless. One of the prayer team members prayed for me for favor for a release for finances I had been given, but were to be used for a specific purpose. I did not expect I would get the release, but I received total release from one person and partial release from another, must more than I expected. Praise God for the way He works. Praise His Holy Name.




As the team prayed for me, one team member saw a go-cart with a big red heart on it going at top speed. She said the heart showed a heart for God and speed toward Him. Another team member saw a waterfall (living water) and the third person prayed encourging words of how very much God loved me. The all prayed for my healing from a groin pull, kidneys and pain. At the end of the session the pain became lesss and less. I am claiming my healing through my Lord and Savior.




Wow! I asked for focus and clarity. Got it and also the joy of the Lord. I know what I'm suppose to do. I see now how a class I've been taking for the last 13 weeks its in. Now it all fits together, Praise God!




I received prayer today for decreased hearing in my left ear. Immediately the pressure in my ears equalized. After ministering on a Healing Rooms team the pressure continued to lessen. Thank you, Lord.




I’ve recently become a born again Christian. Last year my friend told me about the Healing Rooms and I decided I needed prayer. My kidneys were failing me, and my liver was damaged from Hepatitis C. Also, I have macular degeneration in both eyes. My central vision was really bad. I have been so blessed. God has healed my kidney and liver. My doctor was so impressed with my healing. So, I want you to know I attribute it all to the Healing Rooms for being willing to lay hands on me and believe for God’s healing power. I also just had cataract surgery in my left eye. The surgery has helped. I can actually see again clearly. Thank You, Thank You God and God bless the Healing Rooms.




Came in for prayer today. God is my healer. I believe that my bad eye is restored, my heart problems and circulation are restored anew and I have laid my past down at the foot of the cross and will walk in His will, for Him, my Lord and my God. I will go where He wants me to go. In Him, through Him and for Him and the Glory of my Heavenly Father.




I’m walking underneath “His Presence” and feeling His complete peace, that kind of peace that goes beyond all our understanding. He spoke the words to me that as the ocean sprays against the rocks, and as I stand here, He is covering me with His life so as to take away all these binding thoughts. I was led in prayer towards a complete healing of depression. I asked Jesus to forgive me for agreeing with the enemy. Then I heard and received the words He gave on of the prayer team members that I am highly anointed, and He is sending the raging fire to this camp fire I’m in. I’m walking on today in hope, knowing He has spoken and knowing that I am free, seeing fresh hope. He is stronger than the enemy’s voice. Praise You Jesus for I love You and You love me, and You are mine and I am Yours!




After my husband divorced me five months ago, I lost my joy and I experienced such rejection, sorrow, and loneliness because of his rejection toward me. Today in prayer, those praying for me saw a “Genesis in my life – a new beginning.” I was led in a prayer to break the one-flesh union that I had with my husband when we entered into covenant marriage, and I have back to him what was his and took back what was mine so I could be whole again. Now I am free to move on and start anew and afresh so that God can move me forward into the future and hope that He has for me.




I came here today to get healed from depression, body aches, and insomnia. As I got in the room of prayers and the team started ministering to me I felt this vibration from head to my toes. It was a feeling I can’t even put into proper words, but it was so wonderful revitalizing experience and I would recommend this for everybody.




Came into the Healing rooms today with a toothache. As the team was praying for me God broke in and healed my tooth and the pain went away. I received some sweet words and I am just leaving feeling new and knowing the Father has not forgotten about me.




I came into the Healing Rooms today and the moment I entered the room I felt God’s presence in a mighty way. Just when I felt the healing was accomplished to overflowing I was filled again. The seed is planted and I am awaiting a wonderful result.




I’m in awe at what the Lord has done for me. Every time I’ve received prayer in the Healing Rooms He keeps doing more and more and more. He just keeps pouring His love, joy and peace into me. He has healed so much brokenness, pain and sorrow. I have never in my whole Christian life ever experienced such profound healing in my heart, mind and soul, The greatest part of this is that I am falling more and more in love with my Father, my Papa! I love You, Jesus! You are the greatest. You are majestic and holy and pure in love! You are my everything!




I have been waiting for years to come to the Healing Rooms. My sister had been telling me about wonderful and miraculous healing she experienced here. I have been sick with CFS for 17 years. When I was prayer over I felt I was forgiven for something I had done many years ago, something I felt cut me off from God’s presence. Light surrounded me (I almost lost consciousness) and I felt my true need to be forgiven rise to the surface. I felt joy and light. The Scriptures that were given me affirmed my welcome home and bathing in the waters of the Spirit.




I have been coming to the Healing Rooms for several months and getting prayer for my right leg which was fractured (both bones) over twenty years ago. It was getting to the point where I could not walk without pain or a limp. Each time after receiving prayer, my leg has felt better and the limp is gone. I went to the orthopedic doctor this week and my leg, which was 20 degrees off alignment is now 5-8 degrees off. Praise the Lord! I will continue to come to the Healing Rooms to get more prayer and I am believing in a full recovery by the Lord! Also, the doctor is putting off the operation and is expecting me to call him in 6 weeks. I can't wait! Praise Jesus, my Healer.




Since June of 1007 I have continued to have issues with ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease. At the 1st colonoscopy my doctor was pretty astounded because he said I was missing 3 feet of colon and the whole thing was being held together by ulcerated tissue. I refused surgery and instead took very high does of steroids and other heavy duty drugs. My mother started a prayer chain for me. After about a year of ups and downs my stomach doctor asked me to take my medical file and films to a world-renowned doctor in another city along with his personal letter. Of course I read his letter and was mildly surprised to note that he referred to my healing progress as a number of miracles. For the past ten years I have continued to have issues with ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease having to take heavy steroids and 3 other expensive drugs as a preventive. This past April I again began having serious problems, leaving bloody tissue in the toilet. I made an appointment with my stomach doctor for another colonoscopy and then I took myself to the San Diego Healing Rooms in San Marcos. A prayer team laid hands on me for healing and prayer for me. When I went in for my colonoscopy I asked the doctor if I was at high risk for colon cancer. Usually the doctor has difficulty sedating me, but not this time. Next thing I know he was saying loudly “Patricia, your colonoscopy was normal.” I was sure I wasn’t hearing correctly – he had never said “Normal” in referring to my disease. I heard him say “miracle number 3 for you girl.” I did have a couple minor (non-cancerous) polyps, but he said “NORMAL.” I cried with gratitude in my heart for the amazing work God did and for the love that everyone at the Healing Rooms provided. My mother is a long-time active Christian, while I have had some doubts in the past I am now doubtless. From the first moment I was greeted at the San Marcos Healing Rooms I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend anyone in need to at least give this a try. I ‘m so happy I did.

Thank You Jesus,




When I came to the Healing Rooms today the pain, on a scale from one to ten, was a seven and now I am feeling no pain at all in my liver.

Gracias Papa' Dios




My friend came for prayer with a severe sinus condition and God totally healed her. She doesn't need anymore medicine! Also, she was healed of very bad depression. Thank you, Jesus.

I, myself, was carrying much guilt for many years and I couldn't even smile. I needed to forgive myself. The team prayed for me and I could then forgive myself and release the guilt. When they prayed, I gave myself and my family to the Lord. Now I am free. Thank You, Jesus! I can sleep now as well.

A grateful heart



Jesus, my Lord, my Redeemer has released me from the bondage of past hurts and feelings of unworthiness. Thanks to the praying power of the members of the healing prayer teams in the healing rooms. Praise the Lord!




It's such a blessing to receive prayer and encouragement here today. I just "happened" to find out about this new location available on my day-off today. I know just getting myself here today shall result in a sweet snowball of goodness and healing, in ways that will continue to be revealed to me. I am so grateful for the Healing Rooms team and what they prayed over me. I feel so light and prepared to receive some significant changes. I know right where to start!

Praise my Lord,



About six months ago I was having increasing pain in my eyes and it was becoming increasingly difficult to see. I was diagnosed with erosion of the corneas. It was very painful and I had to put drops in my eyes every few hours, but it was increasing in severity.

I was blessed to be able to attend a conference in Pasadena at Harvest Rock church in April with three of my very dear healing room friends, Dariea, Suzanne, and Sarah. I decided before I went that I was going to receive ministry every chance I got and I was going to ask for healing of my eyes. I had faith for a miracle. I enjoyed the teaching of wonderful speakers including Bill Johnson, John Arnott , Randy Clark, Georgian Banov., and others.

The worship was outstanding and the presence of God was very strong. The ...prayer team from Bethel Church in Redding, California was available to pray for us after each service. I asked for healing of my eyes each time I received prayer.

After being home for a while, I realized that my eyes no longer hurt and I was forgetting to put in the drops and suddenly I realized that I had been healed! I could see better and the pain was gone!

I had a scheduled appointment with the eye doctor and after a careful exam was told there was no erosion at all of my corneas! I had been healed! God healed me! I am just so very very excited with what God has done for me. This is the second time I have received major healing like this. The first time was in the healing rooms at Clairemont about 5 or 6 years ago, and then, just several months ago at the conference in Pasadena.

Praise the Lord. God indeed still heals. I praise His name and I give Him all the glory for what He has been doing for me and what He continually does for me each and every day. I especially thank Him for giving me lots of joy which I love to give away to everybody. There is a never ending supply of love and joy to give to others..... …. Thank You Lord….

I was at the healing room in El Cajon on 5/18 and I asked for prayer for several ailments, but specifically for my teeth. I had been in a lot of pain for over a month but feared the dentist. God told me to not be afraid and I went to the dentist and it was nothing serious. Thank you lord! I still have a lot to pray for but God is with me and he will continue to work with me, just like he told me so. I am so thankful for the work these people do.



I received healing for my neck and lower back pain. The words given were accurate and life-giving. I feel better in my body Soul and Spirit.



I came for prayer for healing from chronic vertigo. I felt the presence of God's power and relief from symptoms. The Revelation from the Lord was accurate. I am feeling free from symptoms and declaring victory! Thank you for obeying God's call. I give God all the glory.



I had a lot of pain in my left knee when I arrived at the healing rooms. It had been diagnosed as having a torn meniscus, arthritis, and tendon issues. I had been through physical therapy and also shots in my knee. The last injection left me with more pain! I asked for prayer and after praying the blood of Jesus over me and my knee, I walked out pain-free! Praise be to God and the blood of Jesus.



Last week I saw the prayer warriors. I was help to feel more at peace with living life. All week I have felt more protected as a child of God instead of feeling totally attacked. All types of trauma or any spiritual attacks were broken off. I was reminded of God's love and protection. Remembering that we want God to direct our paths and to not lean on our own understanding at all. I need to always remember that God will direct us and to trust God to turn over all to the Lord and to not dwell on anything that would separate us. I am to remember to dwell on all things lovely, pure, fine, and of good report. Whatever is bothering us to put it at the foot of Jesus and to pray always to be with God Jesus and holy spirit. I know that doing this will make life better and to keep reading the Bible!



Cheril's Testimony of Healing...I came into the Healing Rooms last evening with back pain at a level 10. After healing prayer I left with no back pain...thank you Jesus!

Cheril 11-17-15


A testimony of God's faithfulness and healing power...

Diagnosed with a large tumor in abdomen with high suspect of ovarian cancer. The surgery was performed and pathology report returned with a benign finding...no cancer. God is the God who heals and prayer does work. Praise His Holy Name.

Suzanne 11-09-15


A testimony from a grateful heart...

Thank you, prayer team for being vessels for God's healing touch! When I went in for prayer I did not realize the depth of the oppression I was under. It was lifted that night and is no longer impacting my life. God continues to use the Scriptures and words spoken over me to minister to me in ways only He can.



The El Cajon Healing Rooms team prayed for me this evening and I feel like I will never be the same again. For years now I’ve been bitter, sorrow-filled, sad, depressed, angry, and miserable. When the team prayed for me, they said I had a spear in my back. That instantly clicked with me because I felt relief. I’ve been walking around with a spear in my back for so long. Today the team prayed and in the Spirit, removed that “spear” and I instantly felt better. The anger, sadness and bitterness instantly left and I feel I can move forward now leaving the past behind, and looking toward my future. Praise God!

Justyna 04-21-15


Last week at the Healing Rooms I asked for prayer for my niece. She is 27 and has Cystic Fibrosis. She goes into the

hospital periodically for treatment of infection. This time she had to be on oxygen. I was asked if I wanted to stand in the gap for her. I said yes. The team prayed over me as I were my niece. This time she was having a hard time. The next day after the healing team prayed my niece was off the oxygen, they stopped the medicine they were giving her and was miraculously better and is home from the hospital. She is still doing well...Praise God!

Bernadette 04-06-15


I came in to the Healing Rooms last week and one of the team members asked me if I had trouble in my back and I did in 3 or 4 places. But I specifically mentioned my neck always felt like it was pushing down and forward in a constant pressure which no amount of stretching exercises would help. But after the team prayed it all the pressure was gone and it has not come back...praise God!

Linda 04-06-15


I felt like I was floating as I was being prayed for. I felt as if I was being held up by Heavenly Father. He revealed to me who I am to Him. He told me that “my child be still, you are my precious one, you are special to me, and I’ve created you to do great things, stop hiding and use your voice.”

Audrey 03-03-15


I was diagnosed with osteoporosis four years ago. After two years, the bones were still thin. My last bone scan showed no osteoporosis. Thanks be to God for His healing.

Barbara 12-16-14


I came in with a heaviness in my soul from the past and with kidney pain from stones. Jesus said he is giving me a new heart so no more living in the past. I will be able to live and love with my new Jesus heart. My prayer warriors removed arrows that were placed in me from the enemy. Thank you for the healing and for my new sense of peace and joy! Praise God!!! I feel so much better and full of love from the Lord.

Brooke – 02-14-14


Tonight I came to the El Cajon Healing Rooms for prayer. Before I came, my back hurt, also my tooth, and I had anger inside of me, but now I have peace. I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off of me. My back is 100% better with just one prayer. My tooth was hurting me and now it just doesn't hurt anymore. I thank You, God, and the prayer warriors here at the Healing Rooms. They help us, through Jesus, our Lord.

Azeba - 01-20-15


On October 7th I came into the El Cajon Healing Rooms for prayer. When the team started praying for me at first I felt really hot, even with the air conditioning blowing. I felt the ball and chain I had been dragging around brake. After prayer and healing I had a smile, felt taller and felt my face glowing.




Thank you for showing me the way to Jesus. A heaviness has lifted off of me. I pray that I stay on this path so that I do not get lost. Thank you Healing Rooms for showing me the way to Jesus.




I first came to the Healing Rooms to ask for prayer for my lower leg which had suffered a multiple fracture. As the godly, spirit-filled prayer warriors lifted me to the Father, I sensed a rushing, specific movement throughout the leg. Since then, it has steadily improved. I’ve also come to be prayed for over these issues 1) my finances 2) a healthier thinking process 3) a spirit of drinking 4) a closer walk with God. I receive counsel, love and encouragement at the Healing Rooms. Thank you.




Got prayer for my toothache this past Tuesday evening at the El Cajon Healing Rooms. I went to the dentist early today. They tested my tooth for sensitivity to heat, cold & pressure (no sensitivity), took x-rays (no abscess). They want me to return in 6 months for follow-up. Thank You, Jesus!




My name is Malcom and I have been healed. I walked into the El Cajon Healing Rooms on July 8th, 2014. I had a bad earache to the point I couldn't hear and it hurt so bad. When the HR team laid hands on me it felt like something crawled into my ear and my ear felt so much better and I could hear and the pain was gone. So now I don't have to put ear drops in my ear or take antibiotics or aspirin...I am healed in Jesus name!




I came into the El Cajon Healing Rooms with pain in my neck, but after getting prayed all the pain has gone. I'm feeling good. Jesus has touched me tonight. Thank You God...I give You all the praise!




I was very blessed tonight at the El Cajon Healing rooms. The Lord spoke to me tonight of His loving kindness towards me and His covenant of grace to me. He poured out of His love upon me, encouraged me, and spoke of the things I would be doing in His name...planting, praising and enjoying the planting and how I will sake my tambourine in joy...thank you Lord!




I am so blessed to have a wonderful and understanding Heavenly Father. My experience with Him at the El Cajon Healing Rooms this evening was very enriched and enlightening and I could feel His presence and warmth all around me and I felt like a ton of bricks lifted off of me. He is my God, Jehovah, Heavenly Father, Jesus, and most of all my big daddy. He is my rock and truly the best friend I could ever have. Glory to God.




I came into the El Cajon Healing Rooms for prayer for my infected tooth. The tooth had been previously patched up when I accidently bit on a rock inside some rice while on a trip to Brazil and when I got back to the states a crown was applied. Now the tooth was badly infected and I did not want the tooth pulled nor have to pay the horrendous price for dental work in San Diego, so I decided to trust God and take my chances in Mexico. The dentist removed the crown but the tooth was so infected they were unable to do a root canal and the pain was so unbearable the dentist just packed the tooth with antibiotics, gave me oral antibiotics and told me to come back in a week and they would see if they could save the tooth. The experience was so painful that I allowed fear to come in so I came to get prayer for my tooth and the spirit of fear which was trying to tell me I was going to die. When I returned to Mexico everything went perfect, with pain under control and the dentists were able to finish the root canal and save the tooth. The dentists were amazed and I told them I had gotten prayer for my fear and my infected tooth. They responded by saying "we believe in prayer". I went back for a follow-up appointment and told me they had documented the work on my tooth in their records showing what they were able to do with the help of prayer. Thank You, Lord, for your faithfulness to me.




When I came into the Healing Rooms this evening I had pain in my neck. After prayer the pain was all gone. Thank you Jesus for everlasting healing.